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Sherwood Forest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Signs Dying to Work Charter

We’re so proud that today the Sherwood Forest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed the voluntary Dying to Work charter, providing protection for their 4538 employees.

Dying to Work Charter Signing

The Dying to Work campaign is pressing for additional employment protection for terminally ill workers who need greater protection from heartless employers who utilise a loophole in the law to dismiss the dying due to their illness. Every person battling terminal conditions deserves the choice of how to spend their final months and by backing the campaign we’re not only providing protection for our own employees but hoping to help push for changes to the current law and ensure that everyone is protected.

Sharon Cook, GMB Lead Representative for Kings Mill Hospital said:
“The GMB and the recognised Trade Unions at Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust welcome the Trust signing up to the TUC Charter.  The Trust is one of the largest employers in Nottinghamshire and this demonstrates their support and commitment to the staff that work here in the NHS providing valuable services 24/7 365 days a year”.

Posted: 22nd February 2017

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